What Is The Best Acne Treatment For Teenagers

When I was thirteen years old, I had what could be described as “severe acne problems.” That’s the understatement of the year! I was a “pizza face”, I looked like the surface of the moon. I felt insecure all the time about my appearance. I was practically afraid to leave the house cause i looked bad and I did not know what is the best acne treatment for teenagers that really could help me.

Of course, feelings of insecurity are a common part of adolescence. It’s a difficult period of one’s life. The body is changing, different hormones are racing through the blood stream. Suddenly, the adult world, the real world, doesn’t seem so far away. And of course, for the first time I was noticing the ladies.

It was that which made the acne problems so embarassing. My friends, most of whom were also guys, didn’t really care if I had acne or not. To them, all that mattered was that I still hung out to ride bikes and play video games and pickup football. But with the girls, it was another matter. It’s just hard to feel confident at that age as it is, and even harder when you’re not confident about your appearance.

At first, I used acne cleansers and exfoliants, but these only seemed to make the acne problem worse. I’d put on the cleanser and the skin would turn red and dry, and begin to peel. Now even the parts of my skin without acne looked puffy and irritated!

I begged my mom to take me to the doctor so we would know what is the best acne treatment for teenagers, but she insisted I was fine just the way I was. I sure didn’t feel fine. Finally, she took me into the dermatologist. She barely looked at me, and handed me a prescription for my acne problem – a cream which I was supposed to put on my face.

I took this to mean that it was the best acne treatment for teenagers and miracle cure-all, so effective in treating acne that it was obviously the right choice for everybody.

And it did start working, almost immediately, but after a couple days, my skin problems were back, as bad as ever. I began to despair and thinking all the time what is the best acne treatment for teenagers and i have to admit i was getting to think of that i will never find a cure for my acne problem.

The strange thing is that, in all this time, no one had ever told me about the roll of nutrition in both causing and preventing acne.

Fortunately, I had a friend who’s mother was a nutritionist. Almost overnight when she was thirteen, she developed terrible acne – even worse than mine. Then, a week later, as if by magic, her acne was almost completely gone.

I asked her what is the best acne treatment for teenagers and what was her secret, and she told me to buy acne no more, or acne free in 3 days, these natural acne guides is alot about eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and secret techniques to get rid of acne naturally.

I was skeptical at first, but I figured it was worrth trying.

I eliminated all unhealthy foods from my diet and i took all the steps in acne no more system. It took longer than I would have thought because my body was full of toxins, but I stuck with acne no more. Within a month, my acne problems were mere acne inconveniences. And a few weeks after that, they were gone.

I really think these 2 acne guides above should work for most people. But if acne is making your life miserable like it did with me and you want to know what is the best acne treatment for teenagers, then eating balanced, nutricious meals with the guide from acne free guide is certainly worth a try!