Healthy and Substantial Skin Tightening Treatments for You

Nowhere is medical science as active as it is in anti aging cosmetic treatments. That’s where a lot of the money is. Science certainly has delivered quite a few reasonably effective anti aging treatments over the years. But those are usually just Skin Tightening Treatmentsintended for get rid of wrinkles and spots.

If you’re looking for a general skin tightening regimen that you can use once you are 30, things can be slightly more difficult. Let’s look at your options.

Your skin begins to lose its elasticity once past 30 because there is no longer skin plumping collagen and elastin being produced in adequate quantities. These are the substances that give skin a very youthful bounce and elasticity.

But that isn’t all that happens. The very structure of your flesh – muscle and bone – begins to prepare to give way. They slowly change and atrophy. These aren’t things that Botox treatment or collagen injections can fix. Not even facelifts can offer the kind of tone you’re looking for.

Fortunately, the kind of skin tightening treatments that you need are not new and they’re not expensive. They just require that you do what it takes to keep things from going downhill.

For instance, if you’re light-skinned, protecting it from exposure to ultraviolet rays has to be top priority. Start using a strong SPF 30 sunscreen all the time. Find a brand that you really like and keep refreshing your cover throughout the day.

And while you’re doing that, try to take away other harmful influences in your life, too. Stay away from tobacco and alcohol. Tobacco with nicotine will cut off your skin’s oxygen supply, and it directly affects the production of elastin and collagen in your skin. As you probably have read at other places, smoking will also affect your body’s levels of estrogen.

You’ve probably heard what happens to your skin when your body’s levels of estrogen fall with menopause haven’t you? Your skin loses its bounce. No one would do that to oneself. There are plenty of skin tightening night creams on the market that contain retinoids and peptides.

These products help boost your skins production of collagen. Look at the label for the strongest retinoid concentration possible. There are prescription strength retinoid creams too. But you’ll need to consult a doctor about these. Retinoids and peptides are not just good for skin tightening.

They’re excellent for your jaw line too. And oh – do your best to keep your teeth and your gums healthy. If they begin to lose strength at all, it’ll show on your jaw line.

For instance, consider the brand name Life Cell Skin.

Doctors have begun to notice how Life Cell Skin can help with skin tightening, wrinkles and dark circles under eyes. Life Cell Skin can help reduce wrinkles and get rid of dark circles under eyes, it can also help with blotchy  spots and blemishes and ofcourse skin tightening.

In general, make your skin look cleaner and more beautiful. Do speak to your dermatologist about Life Cell Skin.