Shaving Pubichair: Finally a Better Option!

Not long ago I saw an article which states that Americans are too preoccupied with grooming themselves. Typically we devotemuch more time with self care than any other group of people. I am not aware of if I am obsessed but I do love the sensationof a close shave like shaving pubichair, not only for me personally but also my spouse.

Numerous men and women hold on to their preferred brand or product they implement for a close shave. I have tested out anumber of various razor blades, hair removal lotions and all-kind of hair remover . Several years ago the tweezers became sopopular, so I got one from my husband as a gift. When I first used it on my legs I almost cried because it hurt a great deal and it irritated my skin badly.

The claim was that once you used this hair removal method couple of times,, the close shave would last for prolonged periodsof time.

The limited area I was able to endure completing did have a close shave feel, but it was also red from the trauma ofhaving the hair pulled out. When you wax, it´s painfull as well but at least the pain quick, but with the tweezer you feel pain withevery single hair that is pulled.

Fortunately for me and my partner, we discovered a hair remover that is very efficient, natural and gets the job done with no pain involved. And the wonderful thing about this hair removal product is that it can also inhibit the rate of the hair growth due to some natural ingredients with hair inhibbiting properties.

This hair cream is called the Revitol hair removal and it is considered the best hair removal cream in the beauty industry, keeping its position in the top for the past 3 years. My husband has hair on his chest and back and it grows very quickly. It has always been a challenge for him to get a close shave and shaving pubichair, and just like me, he hates the pain you experience when shaving or tweezing.

Since he tried Revitol, he prefers to use it instead of razors, twwezing or shaving, he also doesn´t think that the electric razor gives him aclose shave like the Revitol hair remover does.

The tweezers and waxing might also cause skin irritations and ingrown hairs, but thanks to Revitol hair removal cream, we haven´t experienced them in quite a while. To me, applying a hair removal cream like Revitol hair cream saves me a lot of time since it is so easy to use it and also it saves me money: I do it in the comfort of my own home and I don´t need to spend money anymore in waxing salons.

It´s a great alternative to shaving, specially better then shaving pubichair, waxing and tweezing that is pain free, easy to implement and since the ingredients are natural, it does not cause irritations.

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