Revitol Stretch Mark Cream Review

Revitol stretch mark cream can be used before, during and after pregnancy. It can also be used for any type of stretch marks whether they are due to weight gain or body building.

Save for pregnant women
Promotes healthy skin
Is easy to apply
Increases the elasticity and strength of the skin
Decreases the appearance of existing stretch marks
Effectively prevents the development of stretch marks
Keeps skin healthy and firm
Helps increase production of collagen and elastin in the epidermis

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Revitol stretch mark cream is the most recommended stretch mark cream to get rid of stretch marks and has been for over 2 years, because it works! Thanks to Revitol high quality blend of ingredients it will prevent stretch marks and reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Based on our research, Revitol stretch mark cream is effective at helping reduce the appearance of stretch marks as well as prevent new ones from forming. This stretch marks treatment proved particularly effective when applied daily for a period of 6 weeks to reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

The other major benefit of Revitol stretch mark removal is, as mentioned, it is made from all powerful combination of concentrated natural ingredients proven to individually strengthen the skin, improve collagen structure and increase natural elasticity, so you don’t risk adverse effects that can occur using artificial toxic chemical based skin creams.

Whether you are preventing or want to get rid of stretch marks this stretch marks cream will deliver the results that you want. Revitol Stretch Mark Cream regenerates your skin and softens the appearance of your current stretch marks while stop new ones in their track. Moreover, it is definitely more affordable than laser treatment or a tummy tuck surgery.

Revitol stretch mark cream is a powerful combination of concentrated ingredients proven to individually strengthen the skin, improve collagen structure and increase natural elasticity.

RevitolRevitol Stretch Mark Cream


  1. I have been using Revitol during my pregnancy and I kept using it for about two months after the pregnancy was over, and I’m delighted to say that me and my husband are happy with the results! This stretch mark cream from Revitol really does what it promises.

  2. I was looking REALLY hard to find an honest stetch mark review that seemed real and not too one sided. I have used 2 tubes of Revitol stretch mark cream, I am 23 weeks pregnant, and im honestly very happy with the results.

    Ive used the Revitol stretch mark cream 3-4 times a day on my breasts, stomach, sides. I got stretch marks on all 3 areas and I waited to write a review until I saw any results.

    I have been applying Revitol for few weeks and my stretch marks are finally fading away, I am Amazed that stretch cream can give real results like this.

    I do recommend that If you just got pregnant, buy revitol stretch mark cream right away, and use it from the begening and during you pregnancy, so you can prevent stretch marks before they appear or get noticeably larger, because the longer you leave it, the worse they get and harder they become to hide.

  3. I have a six month old daughter and while I was pregnant I got tons of stretch marks. I gained about 60lbs. I’ve tried every cream you can think of to lighten up my stretch marks but nothing worked.

    This however did work for me and now you can’t even see my stretch marks. LOVE this product! I also received this product before the expected delivery time. Which I was very satisfied and surprised about b/c thats never happened before with other sellers.

    Revitol stretch mark cream is a must buy!!!

  4. Unfortunately I didn’t hear about Stretch Mark Prevention cream before I got pregnant, so I suffered from a lot of stretch marks. But a friend of mine gave me Revitol and I’ve been using it for about five weeks now.

    I’ve already seen results!! My stretch marks are disappearing and my husband and I are even planning go to the beach this summer while we hadn’t done so since I gave birth to our daughter three years ago. Finally a product that works.

  5. In 9 weeks, my stretch marks are 80% gone. My skin actually looks BETTER than before. I’ve been trying to get rid of my stretch marks for a while now and I’ve gone through several creams. Revitol has been the most effective BY FAR.

  6. This product from Revitol is living up to its reputation, is widely used by average joes and celebs alike to reduce and prevent stretch marks (particularly during pregnancy, which is my personal reason for using it). I am pleased with the results thus far. Reasonable price makes this a worthy investment.

  7. I’ve been using the Revitol Stretch Mark Prevention cream since my first month of pregnancy and my skin has been flawless!

    I have not had any tens or tight feelings like other women in my pre-natal class have experienced and I have yet to find a single stretch mark.

    When I was a teen I grew very fast, resulting in some stretch marks on my buttocks, so I was expecting to get quite a few while expecting my son, however I’m surprised and delighted to say there are none.Thank you Revitol!

  8. I received my order fast and love this product. This stretch mark product is the ONLY thing that has helped prevent stretch marks while being pregnant, I highly recommend to everyone who is looking for the perfect stretch mark cream.

  9. Normally I don’t write testimonials, but in this case I really have to!!!

    I am 40 years old and I didn’t believe that Stretch Mark Prevention Cream would work with me during my pregnancy but, actually, It worked really well!

    I became pregnant very late, and was almost prepared to give up my body because I did not think my skin would be able to regenerate itself. However I gave birth to a beautiful baby girl and I can still wear my bikini again without worrying about showing my body! Congrats Revitol on this great anti stretch mark product!

  10. I purchased this product upon finding out I was pregnant with my first child to prevent stretch marks. My mother got stretch marks so I was leery that I’d end up with stretch marks anyway.

    I put on everyday up to giving birth and I never got stretchmarks, but I don’t know if it was the lotion or genetics. It definitely keeps your skin nice and supple a lot longer than any other lotion I tried. I loved that, but my morning sickness started to make the smell of it almost unbearable.

    But I keept applying the cream and enjoyed the softness it gave my skin. I would recommend this product and use it again when I have my second child.

  11. I’m a 39 year old woman and I’m expecting my second baby. My first pregnancy was when I was 33 years old and I got some stretch marks on my abdomen.

    Now, after starting on Revitol Stretch Mark Cream since the second month there are no new stretch marks, and my husband pointed out that the ones from my first pregnancy seem to be disappearing!

    I’m amazed at the difference in my skin; it feels healthy, nourished and strong. I’m really excited about this product and will definitely continue to use it!

  12. I’ve purchased the Revitol product from the Revitol official website that you published on this review page and their order is fulfilled in a timely manner and have had no problems. Would definitely recommend.

    I just had to come back and share my experience since, I have never had to deal with customer service as the merchandise has always arrived on time and in great condition. And the price is good as well.

  13. I’m writing to thank you for this great review and I totall y agree with you that Revitol stretch mark cream is amazing product. I just had a baby last month and since I began having stretch marks I started using this Stretch Mark Prevention Cream.

    I used Revitol cream three times a day. In the third week using this cream I already saw that my stretch marks were becoming thinner and less apparent. Also, no new stretch marks appeared after I started using your product! It’s a fantastic cream and I will definitely tell my friends about it and about this great review!

  14. I have tried many stretch marks creams before and none of them comes close to Revitol results. I don’t know if there are even better products out there, but I’m happy that I found Revitol because it actually works and is safe to use for the baby.

  15. After using Revitol Stretch Mark Cream there are no new stretch marks, and my husband pointed out that many from my first pregnancy and from my puberty seem to be disappearing! I’m amazed at the difference in my skin; it feels healthy, nourished and strong. I’m really excited about Revitol and will definitely continue to use it!

    Bye the way, Thanks for being honest by pointing to the Official Revitol Website, I have read so many Revitol reviews on the web, and they all point to online stores that the reviewers own by them self.

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