Provillus aggressively seeds your scalp to create environment for new, healthy hairs, and supplies the proper  nutrition to bring dead hair follicles back to life or prevent hair loss from occurring. Provillus Ingredients include:

Vitamin B6 – (promotes hair growth)
Biotin (essential for healthy skin, nails, hair)
Magnesium (necessary mineral for hair growth)
Zinc (increases hair density – reverses hair loss)
Nettle root (blocks DHT)
Pumpkin oil extract (supplement for the hair)
Saw palmetto (blocks DHT)
Uva-Ursi (reduces water retention and bloating)
Muria Puama (promotes hair growth)
Eleuthero (member of ginseng family – promotes healthy hair)

Provillus is a very popular and is rated the best Natural hair loss treatment on the market for a number of reasons – but most importantly because it works consistently and quickly!

How Does Provillus works!

It tackles hair loss by blocking the formation of DHT in the system. After several months of using Provillus, DHT levels become sufficiently reduced to minimize the damaging effects on the hair follicle. This results in the stopping of hair loss and subsequent regrowth.

Provillus hair loss treatment supports this process by providing a number of proven hair friendly nutrients that create an environment conducive to healthy hair growth thats why Provillus is also poplular by women that wants to grow their hair faster.

Provillus vitamins for hair loss are specially formulated to block production of DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in men. Provillus contains 1500mg of Saw Palmetto extract which is widely considered very effective at reducing present levels of DHT making it an effective DHT blocker.

Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) is a byproduct of testosterone, that can be responsible for shortening the growth cycle of hair follicles, by attaching itself to the follicle itself and interrupting normal growth cycle.

DHT is actually very important in early development, however when it begins to attach to hair follicles as a person ages it can then cause the follicles to become thinner, more fragile and eventually fall out altogether.

Therefore inhibiting DHT is an essential mode of action of a good hair loss prevention treatment, because if left untreated bald patches start to become visible as Androgenetic Alopecia progressively gets worse.

Provillus does a combination of two things.

1. Blocks DHT as mentioned above,
2. Provides nutrients that the body needs for a healthy hair.

Since Provillus is scientifically formulated to take our varying hormones into account, there is a separate formulas: Provillus for men and Provillus for women.

However although Provillus works well, it does not necessarily work for everyone all the time. To blindly say Provillus is a magic pill that will grow back a full set of hair from a completely bald head overnight, is not fair and anyone claiming this is not being truthful.

Yes you can get great results with Provillus hair loss treatment, however it is wise to have realistic expectations, Provillus will probably only be effective if you use it for a relatively extended period of time. It appears that the best results are realized after two to three months of consistent, regular use. It is possible that users who didn’t notice hair regrowth after using Provillus may not have taken it long enough.

Some users have reported results in weeks, and for some it didn’t work, while other have said up to 6 months. It all depends on what the condition your hair is in, and what stage of hair loss you are at. That’s why it’s recommended to buy provillus six month supply to get best result. But, if you are still a bit unsure, simply buy Provillus one month supply and re order Provillus when you are sure you are satisfied.



  1. I read a lot of provillus reviews and user’s feedback from Internet and it all pretty much said the same thing that Provillus for Women pills rejuvenates the hair follicles and stimulates growth of new hair just like it claims.

    I then purchased 6 months package at the Provillus official website and it’s been great. Seriously, I recommend Provillus to any women who suffered from hair loss.

  2. This product works! I am 42, female, with hair falling and thinning due to menopause. I have used Provillus now for 6 months, the hair fall stopped after I take Provillus for 1 month, I have always had a lot of hair fall over the last few years.

  3. Now is the 6th month I take Provillus pills and I can honestly said that they work! I wish I could recommend everyone who have thin hair to use this product.

    It definitely would make lots of people happy. Even my barber has noticed the change last month, he commented on how much my hair filled in the area of most thinning.

  4. I know its normal to lose hair but i was losing drastic amount of it everyday… it was scary, then luckily with positive feedback about provillus i decided to purchase the capsules…

    I’m on my second month now and haven’t as yet noticed much difference but my hair has calmed down in falling out, i will however continue to taking the pills for 6 months and then get back to you with the results… good luck to me and to the ones that are in my boat!!!

  5. I was a young women who had began losing her hair. My self esteem was really effected by the fact that I had a small bald patch at the top of my head.

    I read the articles on skintreatmentguide and decided to give it a go. After 1 month, I barely noticed a difference. After 2, I had seen some improvement.

    By the time I had been using Provillus for 6 months, my hair fall and bald patch was completely gone, and I was able to walk with my head low and my spirits held high again.

  6. I am a 55 year old man who had a full head of hair until I reached 50. I never expected to lose my hair because my dad and all of my brothers had never had a problem with losing their hair.

    I read the provillus review on this Website and the testimonials, and then decided to give Provillus a try. I was skeptical, but I have been using Provillus for 4 months now and have seen a dramatic improvement. Where my hair was thin, it is now thickening and my bald spots are less noticeable.

    I just had to come back and say thanks for the review and for the amazing people here that have been sharing their testimonials.

  7. I started taking provillus 3 months ago. Since then I noticed, the hairloss has decreased, there have been less hair falling.

  8. I’ve been using Provillus for women for about 6 months now and I thought I’d write up a little Provillus review of my experience.

    When I started suffering from hair falling and hair thinning one year ago, I was devastated. As i noticed that my hair was getting thinner and thinner,I was getting some bald patches, but i wasn’t going to wait and watch that baldness increase.

    So I started using all kind of hair loss products like special shampoo’s, liquids and even pills but I didn’t see any change.

    Today I am very glad to say that i have stopped the hair loss due to Provillus hair loss treatment. When I first decided to buy Provillus, I was quite weary I was talking a risk, because it seemed too good to be true.

    Also I’ve tried enough hair loss products in the past without results. But I had to take the chance, specially when i read the ingredients list and I saw there are really good and natural ingredients. I’ve figured if it’s natural it cannot hurt.

    There are couple of things that helped me decide to try the Provillus hair regrowth formula. The first thing was fact that Provillus contains the clinically tested ingredient approved by the FDA to help re-grow hair.

    Secondly, the 90 day money back guarantee and thirdly the fact that Provillus has no toxic chemicals contained, only natural ingredients that can prevent hair loss and help regrow the hair.

    I ordered the Provillus 6 month supply at the Provillus official online store , because that’s how long you need to use it for best results anyway. So I made my Provillus 6 months supply order, I got a special Provillus discount, I paid only 4 bottles and I got an additional 2 month supply for free.

    Provillus arrived at my home after just 3 days in a plain packaging so no embarrassment there either. So I started on a regular routine, making sure I didn’t miss any day.

    Now my hair is re-growing naturally around my bald patches and my hair fall has totally stopped, So I am glad that bought this hair loss treatment and I recommend it to anyone to give it a try before going under any surgeries.

  9. I ordered 6 bottles of Provillus and I have been using Provillus for about 4 weeks now and am seeing some good results with hair buds coming in.

  10. I think this is insane. Provillus has stopped my hair loss and my hair is growing back. Only been using for 60 days. I bought Provillus 6 month supply from the official site and got 2 free month for free, So I’m all set.

  11. Don’t waste your money with other hair loss products like I did. I have been using provillus now for 5 months and Provillus has delivered the results that I wanted.

  12. This hair loss product is great, I have been using Provillus for 3 months now and I have seen great improvement, my friends and family also notice the difference.

    I would recommend this product to any one. The vitamins I do not take as often as I should but the hair drop I use 2x per day(mornings and at bedtime) and it really work.

    Before I started using this product I spent hundreds of dollars on products that promised results, I wore wigs, I paid over $500 to weave my hair which ends up making it worst and nothing helped. I was so depressed about my hair until I started to use provillus hair loss treatment.

  13. I used Provillus for men about 6 months like recommended, first month nothing happened, but everything started to happen after the second month, it has stop my hair falling.

    After three months I was very excited that it seemed to halt a lot of my hair loss, After 4th month, I have notice that my hair is growing back in a slow rate, but it is growing back, and after six months using Provillus I’m convinced that provillus is the real deal for hair loss. I have re-order provillus 6 month supply, again for even better results.

  14. I did not notice any real regrowth in my first month using provillus at all. But it has stopped my hair loss, so that is good news, I am starting my second month now, So let’s hope for the best.

  15. The first month using Provillus for men I didn´t see any changed because hair grows slowly but in 2 months I definitely noticed an improvement on provillus-before-and-after the front of my receded hairline.

    After 3 month of continual use I wasn´t loosing hair anymore. Even though my hair was not yet as thick and dense as before, it was a big relief for me that there were no more hairs in the drain.

    At least I have putted an end to the hair loss problem, which none of the other products I’d tried had even been able to do.

    After 6 months my hair not only has stopped falling, but it’s quite thick and dense. I no longer have any hair loss or hair thinning problems anymore, so I’m really happy with the Provillus results.

    I recommend Provillus for anyone that wants to prevent hair loss and grow their hair back.

  16. This hair fall treatment from Provillus is great. I have noticed that many of my hairs are coming back. Cool! Use it as it does not make you pay so much for your wonderful hair!

  17. Definitely stops hair loss. No signs of regrowth buts its only been a month. I will review provillus again after six months.

  18. Its been almost 5 months and I have to say it works. My 45 year old balding spot in back is noticeably thicker now and up front the receding hair line has dropped down forward.

    Hair is a thicker texture also. It most likely works better for earlier stages of Male pattern baldness and treatment for healthy people as well.Dry mouth does occur at night so maybe I’ll start to take earlier in the evening.I am probably reordering before I run out of my provillus 6 month supply unless I hear of something better!

  19. I’m on my 4th bottle and Iam seeing very good results, my hair loss has stopped and Iam seeing new hair growing back, So I’m going to continue taking this hair growth product from Provillus for the near future and hopefully after 6 or 8 months, I will have a fuller head of hair.

    So patience is important, because any regrowth product would take 4-6 months to show any serious results. As it took a long time to lose the hair and it’s not growing back in 1-2 months.

  20. I have tried provillus hair loss treatment a few months now, and I can say that it is a great hair loss product. It is one product that really works, You need to try it for yourself.

  21. The Provillus pills are cheap, that’s for sure, So I order 6 month supply of provillus from the via the link on this provillus review page, since it points to the official provillus Website. Getting a 2 months supply for free discount, as I always say, discount is a discount and getting 2 months for free, comes handy for my tight budget, so thanks for pointing to the Provillus official Website , instead of some online store that would charge me more.

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