the Main Reason the Rest of Us Submit to Plastic Surgery Mistakes

Women who choose to go under the knife to look better suffer from a terrible case of selective awareness. They look at all the movie stars and all the models who appear to look great, and they think that is what is going to happen to them. If they were kind of balanced in the way they saw things, they would see all the news there is on the Internet about terrible plastic surgery mistakes that even the celebrities suffer from often.

There are lots of pictures that you see everywhere of famous Hollywood celebrities who appear in low-cut dresses that reveal a crater on the top of a breast or scarring. There are pictures of stars like Melanie Griffith who have had very bad lip surgery. Somehow, women who plan to get some work done never see these plastic surgery mistakes in the way that they should really make an impression on them.

It is a terrible idea to look at the celebrities and think that that could be you. It is not just that they have makeup and lighting and all the rest of it working in their favor. It is that you do not really understand what camera angle can do. Even without plastic surgery, Hollywood actresses will often only look great from a few angles. And in older movies, they will only appear in those angles.

When you add plastic surgery mistakes to the mix, actresses still do not really suffer because of them. You see, to an actress, it is only what the camera can see that matters to them. They can look hideous in person. If from the angle a camera sees, if things look okay, they are happy. You, personally, cannot live with plastic surgery mistakes like these.

Basically, before you go in for plastic surgery, do make absolutely sure that you are prepared for what can happen should things go wrong. When your boyfriend looks at you from the side, is it going to be attractive? Or are those implants going to be bulging in a strange way?

When doctors call an operation a success, they are not talking about these kinds of problems. THey are only talking about serious ugliness that looks bad from every angle.

When you read up statistics on how many plastic surgery mistakes get made every year, they do not count problems of a subtle nature like these.