Is a Neck Lift Without Surgery Really Possible

Spring and summer are here, and it’s the season for reunions and wedding, right? Who are we kidding – we have stuff to worry about all the year through. For most people, the number one way that their age has of showing itself up is not through the eyes or the hair – it’s the skin on their neck.

It can feel terrible to them to have it show up this clearly – a loose bit of jiggly fat right under their chin. It can just be no fun showing up anywhere in public with this little jiggly piece of flesh right there where everyone can see it. Nothing gets rid of it – not even exercise. To many, a neck lift without surgery can be a very nice option.

You’d be surprised how well a neck lift without surgery works. It can just take years off you with a procedure that lasts no Neck Lift Without Surgerylonger than an hour. It’s a pretty noninvasive thing, even if it isn’t completely so.

Now while this kind of procedure can work on anybody, cosmetic surgeons typically prefer patients who are under 55 – relatively young, and with skin that still has its elasticity. When you’re a little overweight and you are around this age, the fullness of your happy lifestyle can produce an area of fat under your chin that’s actually elastic and resilient. There’s another thing that adds to the effect – a receding chin.

Many of these people happen to have a chin that’s somewhat set-in when compared to their mouth. When a bit of haning fat appears comes under the chin that’s like this, the overall look can be one of chinlessness.

You mustn’t expect that neck lift without surgery is completely noninvasive. It certainly is a little bit that. But it’s hardly anything. It’s an hour-long process, and it can be over sooner than most Botox treatments. Here’s how it goes.

The first thing they do is, they make a really tiny cut right under your chin, and they inject a little bit of medication in there. The medication is supposed to numb things. It will also make sure that your skin doesn’t show up any bruising.

And then, they bring out the ultrasonic wand. The ultrasonic sound waves vibrates those fat cells so hard, they melt right away. The fat is removed, and you have a more youthful-looking neck right away. But that’s not all you get.

They also size your chin up for an implant some kind. Usually, it’s really a small one that’s just meant to make your chin come forward a bit. Once that’s done, they Botox you a little bit so that your skin has time to heal, and that’s it. You have a neck lift without surgery right there.