Natural Hair Regrowth Treatment

It’s prudent to act early. This way you have a good chance of preventing any more hair loss. Whatever you do, don’t wait until half your scalp is completely bare. Get a grip on your hair loss now. Here below is our most recommended hair regrowth treatment that is natural and is available on the market right now:

You can learn more about this new natural hair regrowth treatment from Provillus. They are even offering a two month’s supply for free, when you purchase the most recommended package that gives the best results.

If you’re like most men and women, you probably don’t think too much about balding until it happens to you. It starts with a few extra hairs in the hairbrush in the morning, but before too long there are visible patches you can feel that you start to cover up by wearing a hat everywhere or styling your hair a little differently.

And covering it up works- for a while!  But I’ve been researching hair loss a lot lately, and I’ve discovered a few things that may help you in the fight against hair loss. You see, baldness is caused by many factors, some of them treatable and some of them not.

One of the treatable causes is what is known as pattern baldness.  This generally starts at the crown of your head with the hair getting thinner and thinner over time. This is caused by a hormone called DHT being released into your bloodstream. DHT chokes off the hair follicles so that get thinner and thinner, and they eventually die – leaving you with those patches of missing hair.

The statistics are pretty overwhelming, so although you may feel like it’s just happening to you, you’re certainly not alone. There are nearly 30 million women in the US dealing with baldness right now, and nearly 45 million men.

Sound incredible? It just doesn’t show in women the same way since women’s hair tends to thin all over, rather than receding. So what can you do about it?  Well, the FDA has now approved an hair regrowth treatment ingredient called Minoxidil for re-growing lost hair.

When I discovered how Minoxidil worked, I became pretty excited. I’m going to describe this in a way I hope everyone can understand. Minoxidil helps fight DHT, the nasty hormone that chokes your hair follicles I just talked about. It does this in the bloodstream so that your existing hair follicles have a chance to grow, and it also stimulates blood vessels, which in turn, can help to re-grow dead hair.

There are other things you can do to help re-grow your hair.  Certain vitamins and minerals contribute to the cause:  Specifically, you need to have enough Vitamin B to maintain healthy hair.  Hair loss is often associated with deficiencies in certain B-vitamins such as B6, folic acid, and niacin.

You also need minerals to keep hair growing properly, especially Zinc and magnesium. And there’s a herb that many men have heard about that’s usually used for prostate problems called Saw Palmetto.

Well, some studies also show that Saw Palmetto is effective natural hair regrowth treatment in treating both male and female baldness by keeping the testosterone from converting into DHT.

All these vitamins and minerals will help over the long term, but if you’re looking for a more potent solution that accelerates re-growth without expensive surgery, you should look at a new natural hair regrowth treatment I’ve discovered for both men and women.

I have to be really candid: if you’ve lost most of your hair already, with just a horseshoe of hair left, it’s too late to go this route with a natural hair loss product.  But if you are showing early signs of thinning, this is an excellent product for you.

It’s very convenient to use – just take a supplement twice a day, morning and night, you may start to see baby fine hairs regrowing.  Within a few months, the hair should be thicker and fuller.

So, right about now, you’re probably thinking – “Sure, that sounds good, but does it really work?”  Listen to this testimonial from a real customer. Sara from Chicago writes:

“My husband has been using this product for about 7 months. He has had a slow steady return of hair. In a few more months he will have a full cover of hair!”

Remember, you didn’t lose your hair overnight, so you can’t expect it to grow back overnight either.  If you are looking for overnight results, then I suggest you look at more expensive (and unfortunately potentially painful solutions) such as hair plugs and transplants.

But if you’re looking for gentle, gradual results that don’t announce to the world what you are doing, then you may have found what you’re looking for here.

Currently Provillus is even offering a two free month’s supply.

I hope you’ve learned something here to try for your hair loss solutions. If you’re interested in learning more, please watch the video above, sit tight, and when the video is done playing, you can visit their web site where you can learn more about this new natural hair regrowth treatment from Provillus.

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