Lauren Hutton Cosmetics Top Secrets!

Lauren Hutton Cosmetics

Lauren Hutton, celebrity, actress and model, looks amazing at 65 and we are about to discover her secrets. When she returned to modeling at 46, she was very displeased with the available makeup arrays, which were heavy and did not minimize the wrinkles or shadows women accumulate as they get older.

So instead wearing heavy, uncomfortable makeup, she created lightweight, sheer, shimmer-free Lauren Hutton Cosmetics that enhance the features instead of masking them.

What is so amazing about Lauren Hutton Cosmetics is they allow the skin to breath and the natural beauty to glow through. Her makeup and cosmetic line addresses all four skin tone groups–pink, yellow, olive and brown, and are based on minerals and gentle ingredients to create a look of ageless beauty.

Lauren Hutton Cosmetics: the Magic of Minerals
The Aqua Elements Mineral Makeup Kit brings the natural wonders of the earth’s minerals to your skin, so you will experience beauty in a light and gentle manner. Aqua-Elements is a loose powder foundation made of natural ingredients that moisturizes your skin while providing natural-looking coverage.

The Aqua Mineral make up will let your skin breath and the natural ingredients have been clinically studied and shown to have anti-aging and anti-oxidant benefits for the skin. Lauren Hutton Cosmetics, such as beautiful eye shadows, mineral makeup, lipsticks, the perfect cheek color blush or gentle lip balms are each stand alone beauties.