Hot Wax Hair Removal At Home

As you know that in the daily battle to keep unwanted hair off of your body, women and men both have many options from which to choose. Some methods are more painful, and most are not permanent.

When it comes to hair removal, you have to decide what you are willing to put up with in your quest for a smoother body. Many turn to hot wax hair removal for this purpose. Hot wax hair removal is one popular method of removing unwanted hair. This method can be somewhat painful, but the results tend to last a little longer than shaving or plucking. Hot wax hair removal can be done at home, or you can get a professional to do it for you.

If you can afford it, you can go and get hot wax hair removal done on almost any part of your body. Some like to get their brows waxed at a salon. There are facilities that cater exclusively to waxing, and they can give you whatever you want as long as you are willing to pay for it. In most cases, hot wax hair removal is done by applying hot wax to the hair and a strip of fabric is applied to the wax.

When the wax cools a bit, the strip is then ripped from the body against the hair growth, thus removing the hair by its roots. This same procedure is done at home for hot wax hair removal, but there is no help needed. This type can be done while you are alone, but it may take you some practice to get hard to reach places done well.

I have been looking for a simple but effective way so that hair removal will stop being a burden and I was pleasantly surprised with the Revitol hair removal results. Indeed, for the first time I can recommend a hair removal cream that is more comfortable and effective then the traditional methods of removing unwanted hair, such as shaving or waxing.

The types of hot wax hair removal kits you can use at home vary. There are simple plastic strips that you can rub until they are hot. These are commonly used for the facial areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, and chin. You simply rub, apply, and remove. Some hot wax hair removal kits for home come with wax that is placed in the microwave until it is heated to the proper temperature. This can be tricky, because if the wax is too hot, you will burn your skin. If it is too cool, it will not adhere to the hairs properly. When applied at the proper temperature, the wax is then removed by strips, though some types require no strips.

When attempting hot wax hair removal at home, you should follow some tips for best results. Exfoliate the area well, and do not apply to skin that is irritated and damaged.  Make sure the wax will adhere well by using a very light coat of powder to the area to be waxed. This will help dry up any oils that may affect the wax. After having hot wax hair removal, either at home or in a salon, expect some redness and irritation. If you find that some wax has been left on your skin, apply baby oil. Not only will this easily remove the extra wax, it will help keep your skin smooth and soft.

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