Hair Conditioner Reviews of the Unexpected Kind

Have you ever notice how this cosmetics section at any store is more brightly lit and more colorfully done up than any other part of the store? They hope that when you look at all the heavenly brightness, you’ll right way believe that that’s the kind of brightness those products will bring your way when you buy them.

And boy do we buy them. Perhaps nowhere in cosmetics marketing do they try to pull as much wool over your eyes as they do with hair conditioner advertising. If you’re trying to look for a way to see past all those phenomenal claims they make, these hair-conditioner reviews should help.

Well, these hair conditioner reviews are different. We aren’t going to try to show you what the best ones are out there. We are going to do the opposite. You wouldn’t believe how many top international hair conditioner brand names have made it on our list.

Let’s start off with the third-worst one in our top three – Suave. Beginning on a positive note, even if the Suave Professionals Almond and Shea Butter Conditioner is a major brand, it only costs about three dollars a bottle. That’s where the good news ends.

Know how the makers of some children’s personal care products choose to try so hard to smell good and taste good and not to bring on tears and so on, that in the end, they don’t actually do any good either? This product is like that. Not only does it not condition your hair or hydrate it, it makes it feel sticky and greasy.

These hair conditioner reviews certainly aren’t making the major cosmetics brands look any better. Who would have thought for instance that Aveda hair-conditioner could ever get  dismal reports from buyers? Aveda’s Rosemary Mint Conditioner is one of those unlucky products.

When you buy a product with the name Avedaon it and you’ve paid $10 a bottle, you don’t expect to put something on your head that feels like papier-mâché or something. You apply this, and not only do you clearly feel that your skin is rejecting it, it’s like it just sits there without being absorbed. And don’t be surprised if it gives you dandruff and a very itchy scalp.

Among our list of very bad hair hair conditioner brands, the Alberto V05 Experiences Champagne Kiss Conditioner for a mere dollar has to be the worst ever. It’s a somewhat major brand, and it’s the driest conditioner in the world. It seems to actually strip your hair of any lubricant that it might have. And don’t even try to smell this thing.