How to Get Rid of Loose Skin

Most people assume that it’s impossible to get rid of loose skin.  Appearing on the abdomen, inner thighs, inner arms, and butt, loose skin is the last piece of the weight loss puzzle. Surgery is the last option, in cases where weight loss exceeds 100 pounds . However, diet is the best option. If you asked a doctor how to get rid of loose skin, you might hear,

“Just keep losing weight until your skin is no longer loose”. The truth of the matter is that loose skin is simply excess fat hanging in the skin.  Crash diets are usually responsible for saggy skin. With proper diet and exercise, loose skin can be a thing of the past!

Skin itself is not fatty. Skin is a stretchy, elastic organ that usually bounces back into shape. It’s the fat clinging to the inside of the skin that gives that folded, dimpled appearance.

How to get rid of loose skin the natural way would begin with the right diet. When a person goes on a crash diet, the total weight loss consists of 20% lean fat and over 20% muscle. So you end up with more total fat than before! With less muscle support, the skin appears droopy. Lean fat appears firm. The jelly-like fat left over hangs in the skin, using it like a hammock.  On the other hand, a gradual, reasonable diet results in mostly flabby fat loss.

Don’t try to lose ten pounds in ten days. Set a reasonable goal. Try cutting down on portions and get regular exercise. If you absolutely must lose the weight quickly, expect the loose skin. Just because you have the shape you intended, doesn’t mean you shouldn’t firm up.

A low-fat diet forces your body to burn the extra fat hanging in your skin, for energy.  Don’t expect the loose skin to get toned up quickly. This loose skin fat is the toughest to get rid of, even tougher than belly fat. It takes persistence, so don’t quit.   Another reason you may have dimply skin is because there is not enough muscle to support it.

Before continuing to diet, start a muscle building and toning program. Aerobics and Pilates are both known for their fast-acting muscle toning exercises. If, after toning the muscles, the skin is still flabby, it’s time to combine muscle-firming exercise with diet. When combined, the fat in the skin will eventually go away, and the skin will revert to its original shape, this is by far the right way to get rid of loose skin.

In cases of weight loss of 100 or more pounds, cosmetic surgery may be the only option. Before you opt for surgery, make sure you understand the risks and success rates associated with this type of surgery. Always check with your doctor when it comes to decisions related to your health.

Avoid crash diets. Develop and stick with good eating habits. If the loose skin persists, go with an aerobics or Pilates program to get rid of loose skin. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither was a perfectly flat tummy, so have patience.

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