Do You have Fragile Nails that break all the time?

If you have fragile nails that break all the time, then acrylic nails is one method for artificially strengthening or lengthening the nails. Acrylics can be right for you if you want for example to break a habit of biting your nails.

It is common that  nails become  weak, damaged or short and  some people have brittle nails that do not grow  beyond a certain length. While acrylic nails is an option for a special occasion when we want to look our very best, we should never let the problem of fragile nails unsolved.

Fragile nails require special attention, and the use of acrylic nails, if done badly, could potentially damage them even more. One great way to assure make your nails stronger is Zetaclear, a natural nail treatment that promotes healthy looking nails with no infections.

Once the choice to have acrylic nails is made, your nails will need regular maintenance. Acrylic nails usually need to be filled in every two to three weeks. For some people these visits will be more frequent in order to avoid nail loosening. This can lead to water getting trapped underneath the acrylic nail, that can lead to bacteria and nail fungus.

The use of acrylic nails is fairly recent. Today, experts consider that ethyl methacrylate (EMA) is the best chemical liquid available for acrylic nails and is considered safe.

A second option is Methyl Methacrylate or MMA. This chemical liquid may have certain harmful effects including fungal infections, nail deformities and other problems. The only reason why MMA is chosen by some is that it costs less.

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration)does not recommend the use of MMA in nail salons. Keeping this in mind, is better to pay a little extra and get EMA acrylic nails.

What are the cons for acrylic nails? Manicurists can use a bad  drill and break the nail that will produce damage to the natural nails, and specially lifting of acrylic can be nasty as turns will encourage mold, bacteria, and fungus, turning the nail green.

Once you applied acrylic nails you must fill them every 2 weeks, and not wait longer. Waiting too long to fill them can increase your risk of infection. Humidity can create a proper environment for bacteria and fungal infections, and while it looks ok on top, it could damage your nails.

Removing acrylic nails should be done properly. You must put your hand in a plastic bag which has on bottom some cotton with acetone remover. Keep the hand for about 20 minutes and the fake nails  would come off. You should never have anybody clop the acrylic, as that would take layer of your nails.

Your nails can become thin after applying acrylic for couple of reasons: if the manicurist is clipping off the acrylic between fills because of lifting, if the job is not well done, or when the nail has been drilled badly.

If you have fragile nails, damaged or  weak nails: You should first address this problems before using acrylic nails, with the help of Zetaclear, a Zetaclear Nail Treatmentnatural product specifically developed to strengthens the nail plate and treat the underlying cause of unsightly nails and to kill nail fungus at the same time.

Also if were unlucky and your nails were damaged by bacteria and fungus due to lifting of the acrylic nails, you can treat them gently by using the Zetaclear nail treatment, which provide the most powerful therapeutic effect for healthy looking nails.

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Zeta clear makes your nails stronger, also preventing nail damage from using nail polish or nail polish remover that can cause nail dryness and be harmful to the nail plate. Zetaclear was design as an nail fungus treatment that is based completely on natural extracts and is safe, effective, and easy to use.

Even if only one nail needs help, it’s a good idea to Use Zetaclear on all your nails (hands and feet) with each application.

This way, you’ll protect all your fragile nails and make them healthier. Only persistent care and time will help your nails become more healthier.

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