Effective Acne Treatments

There is a dreaded word in the dictionary of most teenagers all over the world. No matter which country they hail from or what social strata they belong to, or even what language they speak. If there is one cause that can make the teenagers of the world unite as one, it is the war against acne!

Similarly, following the same logic, if there is one thing that is the friend of all teenagers, it is effective acne treatments! But just as acne comes in all sizes, shapes and places, acne treatments too range from the mythical to the effective to the super efficient. Knowing what works and what is just a flight of fancy is half the battle.

In order to determine effective acne treatments, it is essential to understand what causes acne in the first place. Acne is usually caused, not as most people believe due to poor hygiene, but due to hormonal changes in the human body. Some people secrete excessive oil due to the hormonal changes brought on by puberty and this traps dirt and moisture, resulting in blackheads and acne.

In some others, acne is brought on by infection or by the blockage of the pores. Still others may have acne as a result of poor diet. But effective acne treatments are available for all kinds of acne. It would however always be a good idea to consult a dermatologist to determine the cause of acne before trying to go in for self treatment.

There is an unimaginable range of effective acne treatments available in the market. Just go to any pharmacy or drugstore and you will see shelves upon gleaming shelves of products offering wonderful effective acne treatments. Most of them are effective acne treatments or lotions that may or may not eradicate your problem. But in order to find the most effective acne treatments, suited to your specific acne, your doctor is the best advisor.

Effective acne treatments differ for various acne. And unless you are able to pin down the cause, you may end up spending a fortune on ineffective acne treatments that don’t ever seem to work. Some of the more effective acne treatments include azelaic acid creams, benzoyl peroxide and Accutane.

Other proven effective acne treatments include topical antibiotics and lotions. Still other acne treatments include glycolic and gluconic acids. But as mentioned earlier, each of these acne treatments works for a particular kind of acne. And the more severe the acne, the more strong the treatment.

The best advice anyone can give you regarding effective acne treatments is that time is the best healer and changing your diet. But for those who are unwilling to let time be the healer, theese 2 acne guides “acne free in 3 days” and “acne no more” is their best playground. While common acne treatments could work wonders for some, others will have to go in for natural acne treatments like this highly rated how to be acne free in 3 days guide is certainly worth a try!.