Why is Dental Sealant not More Popular

The Halloween installment once of the Adam@home comic strip., was about little Katy looking at her hoard of Halloween candy and exclaiming Goldmine!. The next box cuts to her sitting in a dentist’s chair. He looks at her mouthful of cavities and exclaims Goldmine!

Parents face this problem everywhere – how do you help protect your child from himself when he really loves his candy? Well, dental sealant would be one possible answer. But surprisingly, many parents just give it the short shrift.
Dental sealant is a kind of liquid resin. You take your kid to a dentist, and the dentist applies the resin by dripping it on the biting surface of each tooth.

The resin coats every nuke and cranny on the surface of the tooth that food can get stuck in and rot. It’s an elegant solution to a very difficult problem. Dentists advise that parents should bring their children in the moment they get their permanent teeth. Each time a permanent tooth should erupt, they should bring the child in, and do a $40 dental sealant treatment.

Not only is it inexpensive, you’ll find that every dental insurance plan out there pays for it, too. There’s just one little problem – parents don’t seem willing to go out and do it.

No one actually understands why – least of all the dentists. Certainly, there is a certain amount of shortage when it comes to dentists who are skilled at dental sealant application. How durable and how useful a dental sealant application is,  depends on how skilled the dentist to applies the treatment on is.

It isn’t uncommon to find dental sealant chipping away just a couple of years later. Sometimes, dentists get careless to. They just quickly , and they don’t worry about being really careful check to see if there are any teeth there that appear to be in poor condition. If there is any decay in any tooth at all, a coating of plastic that seals it in will only make it worse.

Really, it should come down to the parents hoe they don’t seem to take this seriously enough. If there were enough of them asking to dentists for this, they would go get trained, and offer the dental sealants for kids.