Cosmetic Surgery Clinics

You probably noticed that with all of the cosmetic surgery clinics out there, plastic surgery has become almost routine for some people. A lot of cosmetic plastic surgery can be done on an outpatient basis. That means you come in for the cosmetic laser surgery, stay for a couple hours, and leave the very same day. Of course, some of the cosmetic surgery requires more involved procedures.

Breast reduction surgery, tummy tuck surgery, and similar procedures often require an overnight stay. Nonetheless, the healing time is remarkably short. Surgery used to be a major undertaking only available to correct the most life-threatening conditions. Now that it is something routine that we can do to correct things about ourselves that we don’t like, you can’t help but marvel at the miraculous march of technology!

I envision a day when there is a cosmetic surgery clinic on every corner. Why not? I think anyone who wants to should be able to have cosmetic hair removal in an hour. After all, cosmetic surgery clinics  are there to make us feel better about ourselves. Say what you want about human vanity and about the triviality of our society.

The fact remains that appearance is important. Appearance is not only important in our society – it is important in every society. People care about how they look, and when they look good it makes them feel good. Cosmetic surgery clinics are an integral part of health. By making us look good, they make us feel better. By making us feel better, they make us healthier. Like it or not, cosmetic surgery is as much about health as any other form of surgery.

Of course, there are some unethical cosmetics surgery clinics out there to profit off of peoples insecurities. Some cosmetic surgery clinics mostly cater to the most insecure of clients. They convince people that they need more and more complex surgeries, often making their bodies grotesque in an attempt to create an image of perfection. People who are that driven to embody an impossible vision of beauty don’t need cosmetic surgery clinics in my humble opinion.

They need psychiatric help. They should be sent to qualified psychiatrists. For the rest of us, however, cosmetic surgery should only be done if we really need it, specially since there are so many celebrities that look terrible after these cosmetic surgeries. Just my thought on this.

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