Cosmetic Laser Surgery

It really is amazing how many cosmetic surgery clinics there are nowadays. It seems like everyone is having some kind of cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic laser surgery is the most popular, but it is by no means the only surgery being performed. Breast reduction surgery, breast augmentation surgery, cosmetic hair removal, and cosmetic skin care are only a few the procedures being performed.

Some people would hail it as a good sign of the times. I have some friends who think that it is great that we can now change our appearances at will. They see this as technology making our lives better. For me, however, cosmetic laser surgery mean something different. It means that even the body is not sacred anymore.

We have become so vain that we are willing to chop ourselves up or shoot ourselves with lasers just to look how we feel the magazines want us to. I think that this is a shame.

I would never go in for cosmetic laser surgery. I mean look ate the cosmetic surgery statistics, with that said: Not in a hundred years. I even looked down on cosmetic acne scar removal surgery. After all, who knows the long-term risks of these things. I am all for the advance of medicine. I think that if someone invents a new technology that makes people live longer, healthier lives, it should be used immediately. Unnecessary surgery, however, is something different altogether.

There is always a risk for surgery, but cosmetic laser surgery provides no benefit to justify this risk. All you get is a body that is superficially prettier. Who cares about that? In a few years, all the gains made by the cosmetic laser surgeon will be undone. Remember, time always takes its toll. Gravity always wins. Why risk your life and your health further with cosmetic laser surgery.

Before changing your appearance, change your perspective. Why would you want cosmetic laser surgery in the first place?  What is it about yourself that you don’t like? Is it really your appearance, or does it go deeper. I think that if most of the people who went in for cosmetic laser surgery really stopped to think about their reasons, they probably would not have it done.

People who are obsessed with their appearance are usually compensating for something deeper, something scarred in their soul. All the cosmetic laser surgery in the world cannot fix this, so why try? To me it just seems like a waste of time.

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  1. There is nothing wrong with cosmetic procedures. The error is in the selection of whom you use to get your treatment and your expectations. Not everyone who has cosmetic enhancements suffers from some deep neurosis.

    It is not vanity to use lasers to remove disfiguring ice-pick scars from acne or a port wine stain that has ruined someone’s self esteem. Everyone has their own reasons for having cosmetic procedures just as you have for not having them.

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