What’s With All the Chin Implants

Chin implants are so favoured in America today that surgery for chin enhancement or a strong jaw line has outdone breast augmentation surgery and even Botox treatment. Chinplants, as they are called, are in fact so popular that more than twenty thousand Americans went for this operation in 2011.

The reason? Well, a strong chin is in. And you can do nothing to change the chin you were born with. You could exercise and diet for a great figure but the chin is stubborn and proud. It refuses to yield except when the cosmetic surgeon takes charge. So, people have no option but to seek the surgeon’s help to get their desired chin line.

Middle age is an emotional rollercoaster. The first wrinkle or the first strand of grey hair feels like a major setback and brings down the level of confidence like failure in an exam would.

So those who can afford it go for all kinds of age-defying cosmetic treatments. The most frustrating change that comes with age is the loose, sagging jaw line. A chin implant can take care of this immediately and so a number of self-conscious middle aged people with means go for chin implants.

Another reason is that our social life is incomplete without cameras. We love cameras but are afraid of being caught at the wrong angle. Chins in particular are a sore point – square or pointed, short or long, narrow or wide, weak or strong. So people who can afford it wish to get that perfect chin they wouldn’t be ashamed to expose to the camera at any angle.

It’s the same with unflattering webcam or cell phone angles. Really young people who use apps like FaceTime feel shocked at the structural imperfections of their face and wish for what they feel is the ideal facial structure. Chin implants seem like the easiest fix.

So, the silver screen is not the sole culprit though a lot that happens in movies or on TV does give people readymade ideas about beauty. Niche operations shown graphically with spectacular post-operation results do surely encourage people to undergo cosmetic surgery.

When it comes to beauty, people don’t mind taking risks. Chinplants carry a 5-10% possibility of infection. That’s not a small chance. The doctor you choose to save on expenses may not be board certified and experienced. He may take away from beauty instead of adding to it. And the result may not cheer you up at all even if the surgeon is great. The Demi Moore look may not suit you at all.