Using a Blackhead Extractor Tool Correctly

To many people, their first line of defense against blackheads is the familiar pore strip. It’s a fascinating thing to many people – that this simple piece of paper with glue on it can just pull out little pillars of black goo out of your pores. People love them because they’re effective as blackhead extractor tools.

But of course, pore strips are not without their negative effects. Some people react to the glue and they get skin burns. And then of course, these don’t work with every kind of skin type.

And so, the alternative might be a better idea – the blackhead extractor tool – the thing they use at the salons.

You can get these at any store that sells cosmetics, and you can really get rid of blackheads really quickly. Here too though, you aren’t guaranteed complication-free blackhead removal. If you don’t use the right kind of technique, or if you don’t prepare your skin the right way for use of the tool, you can do more harm than good. Let’s look at some of the things you need to keep in mind to use your blackhead extractor tool properly.

At the spa, when they try to get you blackhead-free, they first always soften your skin with a thorough facial steaming. They do this to loosen your pores up and to make them open up. You mustn’t forget to do the same thing. You could either use a facial steamer that you can get for a few dollars at the store, or you can just use a hot towel.

Once you’re done with this skin softening part, you have to remember that you need to dry your face somewhat. You can use a soft towel to pat your face nice and dry. If you don’t do this, the blackhead extractor tool can slip and it could injure you.

When your pores are nice and open, you just need to press the tool into your skin at the correct angle, and the blackheads just come out. It can be tempting to use too much pressure to somehow really thoroughly remove everything. Doing this can be a bad idea. It can injure your skin and you could end up with an infection.

You mustn’t be wary of the blackhead extractor tool just because we’re always talking about infections and injury. The salons have these problems, too. You never know when they might employ an inexperienced person. The salons hear of complaints about these kinds of problems too. You just need to learn to use the tool properly.