Acne Treatment During Pregnancy

It is very common to experience acne during pregnancy, even women that never had acne breakouts in their lives can suddently battled acne during pregnancy.   The cause is believed to be the fluctuating hormone levels surging through a woman’s body during the gestational period.  Women can begin experiencing acne breakouts at any point during pregnancy from the first few weeks through the end of the nine months mainly on the face, chest and back areas.

Occurrence can be different in every woman, and while some will have moderate to severe outbreaks others will not be conflicted with acne during pregnancy at all. As with pregnancy itself, each case is different.  Women that are affected during a first pregnancy may not have acne during subsequent pregnancies.

The occurrence of acne during pregnanAcne Treatment During Pregnancycy causes women some dilemma as to how to treat it.  Several drugs acne treatment during pregnancy that are used to treat general acne breakouts are deemed unsafe for the fetus if used during pregnancy, especially a drug known as Accutane, are known to cause severe birth defects.

Also, most drugs that are usually used do not treat a hormonal cause and instead attack bacteria that may be causing breakouts.  Since it is known that acne during pregnancy is generally caused by fluctuating hormones, using these unsafe drugs would be ineffective because they are not addressing the root cause.

Acnezine is one of the few that really stands out, that is considered both save and effective acne treatment during pregnancy, that is because Acnezine is a natural acne skin treatment that goes to the source of your acne to heal the blemishes and treat future outbreaks and will also prevent the build up of bacteria and nourishes your skin in a gentle manner.

This acne treatment from Acnezine has 100% natural ingredients, and provides you with antioxidants to eliminate  free radicals,imbalances and impurities within the body. Therefore it is a powerful internal cleansing treatment, able to even fight your acne before it even begins.

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