Acne Body Wash

If you’re like me, you not only get acne on your face now and then, but all over your body as well.  Although I normally only get acne on my face and back, I’ve had at least some amount of acne on just about every area of my skin at one point or other in my life. 

My feet, legs, and (ahem) genital area seems to be the only places to escape it completely so far.  While there is a certain relief to that fact, having acne on my scalp, back, butt, chest, stomach, and shoulders is not exactly fun.  For this reason I’ve done plenty of experimenting with acne body washes.

Oh, the joy of acne body washes knows no bounds.  They come in different sizes, shapes, colors, smells, and flavors.  Well, okay, I’m not sure about the flavor part, but there certainly is a wide array of acne body washes to choose from.  The search is easily narrowed down when you consider the active ingredients involved.  Most acne body washes use only one of two different active ingredients; salicylic acid or benzyl peroxide.  Everything else in the wash is just for style points.

Having used plenty of different acne body washes, I consistently came back to the ones that use salicylic acid.  This is somewhat counterintuitive, because benzyl peroxide seems to work best with the acne face washes I’ve tried.  I’m not really sure why, but salicylic acid just seems more effective for body acne than anything else, even though its only moderately effective for facial acne.

I prefer the acne body wash that ‘Phisoderm’ makes.  So my acne treatment and prevention routine is a benzyl peroxide acne face wash, and a salicylic acid acne body wash.  So long as I use these washes daily, I’m able to reduce the acne I would be getting by somewhere around 40%, which is not so great.

However, there was still that 60% or so that got by, and I couldn’t really seem to do much about it.  The acne on my back is especially hard to prevent; no acne body wash gets rid of it completely.  It seems to help a little if I use lotions and other skin care products in addition to an acne body wash.  I like using ones with aloe vera and vitamin E.  If I apply lotions like these soon after using an acne body wash, it seems to boost the overall anti-acne effect.

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