Welcome To Skin Treatment Guide!

Irina MocanI hope this will be the first of many visits to Skin Treatment Guide and I look forward to welcoming you back over and over again. My name is Irina Mocan and I am the publisher of Skin Treatment Guide and the voice behind the words!

Over the past years I have bought and looked at dozens of hair and skin treatment products. Sadly I found out that most of them don’t work at all and some of them even have a negative effect on the skin, causing itching, brown spots, discoloration, etc.

So I got really frustrated and I just had to something about it. The problem is that there are literally thousands of hair and skin care products to choose from and unless you become a well-informed consumer, it’s hard to find the few that actually produces real results. It seems incredible, but many hair and skin care products are loaded with ingredients that actually harm your skin over time.

Skin Treatment Guide is made with that in mind to offer you all the information you need about hair and skin care, plus unbiased skin care product reviews, focusing on available solutions that really work.

Sure information is everywhere this days, we live in a world of information explosion! Which also means you have to spend hours and hours searching here and there, reading reviews and testimonials. But having it all in one place really makes the difference, don’t you think ? Skin Treatment Guide does it’s best to gather the information that really matters.

I do that with passion and conviction: I believe that information should be for free, so you can actually start the process of healing as soon as possible. My aim is to find those skin care products that work and have the right ingredients so you and me could have great skin and hair.

I’ve noticed that many times valuable skin care products are not endorsed by Hollywood stars, because the producing companies are mindful on research and costumer value, and therefore their money don’t go into massively marketing those products.

Instead, their money go into research and putting better and more powerful ingredients in the creams, unlike so many other skin care and cosmetic companies that pay millions to movie stars to advertise products that most of the time these celebrities don’t even use.

Skin Treatment Guide allows you to get straight to the point, without you having to search and search, and most importantly, without burning yourself in the process. You’ll find out how to pick the best Hair Treatment & Beauty Skin Care Products and what to avoid when it comes to taking care of your precious hair and skin.

Think of this Skin Treatment Guide as your secret weapon to have great skin and hair!