7 Tips on How To Pop A Pimple

It is tempting to pop a pimple, because you just want it to go away. The common advice is to let your body heal a pimple on its own, without popping, but most people feel uncomfortable going around with a bulging white zit for the hole world to see.

Though popping can make a pimple less noticeable temporarily, most of the time popping can cause the zit to stay around longer.

When not done properly, popping pushes bacteria from the zit further into the skin, making the area around the acne even more reddened and inflamed, or can lead to scaring in the future. When done properly, popping a pimple can actually be beneficial to the healing process.

Here is a 7 Tips on How To Pop A Pimple Properly

1) If you feel you must pop, you should wash your face with warm water and cleanser and remove all makeup, and of course, wash your hands too!

2) Try to avoid using your fingernails because dirt can be trapped beneath which will be introduced to the open skin when popping and spread germs.

4) Use a tissue to apply pressure or a tool specifically designed for this purpose (available at most cosmetic supply retailers). Squeeze from the sides, confidently but gently and don’t force it.

5) To assure less scaring, some use a disinfected needle such as a sewing needle to prick the pimple’s surface.

6) If it doesn’t pop, leave the pimple be. Stop if you see clear fluid or blood coming out.

7) Stop after pus has been expelled and if nothing comes out, this will just create further irritation. Continuing to work at a lesion that is not ready to be popped can lead to scarring.

Popping the pimple will not always cause scarring, but only pop if it’s ripe and ready! Otherwise, the skin can become more irritated if you continue to pick at it, then a scab will form and more bacteria has been spread as well, leaving you with a bigger mess than you had to begin with.

It is very important to leave deep, painful lesions (cysts and nodules) untouched. Do not attempt to pop them, as you may cause severe trauma to the skin that will take much longer to heal than normally. If your acne is severe, a visit to your dermatologist is advisable.

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If You have any more tips on How to Pop a Pimple that You feel is missing, then please share Your tip or acne tips by commenting below.

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