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the Main Reason the Rest of Us Submit to Plastic Surgery Mistakes

Women who choose to go under the knife to look better suffer from a terrible case of selective awareness. They look at all the movie stars and all the models who appear to look great, and they think that is what is going to happen to them. If they were kind of balanced in the way they saw things, they would see all the news there is on the Internet about terrible plastic surgery mistakes that even the celebrities suffer from often. Read more

What’s With All the Chin Implants

Chin implants are so favoured in America today that surgery for chin enhancement or a strong jaw line has outdone breast augmentation surgery and even Botox treatment. Chinplants, as they are called, are in fact so popular that more than twenty thousand Americans went for this operation in 2011. Read more

Is a Neck Lift Without Surgery Really Possible

Spring and summer are here, and it’s the season for reunions and wedding, right? Who are we kidding – we have stuff to worry about all the year through. For most people, the number one way that their age has of showing itself up is not through the eyes or the hair – it’s the skin on their neck. Read more

Afraid Of The Risks Attached To Cosmetic Surgery Procedures?

Have you noticed that lots of people dislike cosmetic surgery just for reasons of principle. They feel you should love your body just the way it is. Not everyone stays away from this kind of thing for reasons of principle though. Often, they just read about how even the simplest procedure can come with a risk of serious complications.

Often though, there’s just one simple thing you can can do make sure that your cosmetic surgery procedures are is low risk as possible. You just need to lose weight first, and then go under the knife. Read more

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