Provillus aggressively seeds your scalp to create environment for new, healthy hairs, and supplies the proper  nutrition to bring dead hair follicles back to life or prevent hair loss from occurring. Provillus Ingredients include:

Vitamin B6 – (promotes hair growth)
Biotin (essential for healthy skin, nails, hair)
Magnesium (necessary mineral for hair growth)
Zinc (increases hair density – reverses hair loss)
Nettle root (blocks DHT)
Pumpkin oil extract (supplement for the hair)
Saw palmetto (blocks DHT)
Uva-Ursi (reduces water retention and bloating)
Muria Puama (promotes hair growth)
Eleuthero (member of ginseng family – promotes healthy hair)

Provillus is a very popular and is rated the best Natural hair loss treatment on the market for a number of reasons – but most importantly because it works consistently and quickly!

How Does Provillus works!

It tackles hair loss by blocking the formation of DHT in the system. After several months of using Provillus, DHT levels become sufficiently reduced to minimize the damaging effects on the hair follicle. This results in the stopping of hair loss and subsequent regrowth.

Provillus hair loss treatment supports this process by providing a number of proven hair friendly nutrients that create an environment conducive to healthy hair growth thats why Provillus is also poplular by women that wants to grow their hair faster.

Provillus vitamins for hair loss are specially formulated to block production of DHT, the primary cause of hair loss in men. Provillus contains 1500mg of Saw Palmetto extract which is widely considered very effective at reducing present levels of DHT making it an effective DHT blocker.

Dihydrotestostrone (DHT) is a byproduct of testosterone, that can be responsible for shortening the growth cycle of hair follicles, by attaching itself to the follicle itself and interrupting normal growth cycle.

DHT is actually very important in early development, however when it begins to attach to hair follicles as a person ages it can then cause the follicles to become thinner, more fragile and eventually fall out altogether.

Therefore inhibiting DHT is an essential mode of action of a good hair loss prevention treatment, because if left untreated bald patches start to become visible as Androgenetic Alopecia progressively gets worse.

Provillus does a combination of two things.

1. Blocks DHT as mentioned above,
2. Provides nutrients that the body needs for a healthy hair.

Since Provillus is scientifically formulated to take our varying hormones into account, there is a separate formulas: Provillus for men and Provillus for women.

However although Provillus works well, it does not necessarily work for everyone all the time. To blindly say Provillus is a magic pill that will grow back a full set of hair from a completely bald head overnight, is not fair and anyone claiming this is not being truthful.

Yes you can get great results with Provillus hair loss treatment, however it is wise to have realistic expectations, Provillus will probably only be effective if you use it for a relatively extended period of time. It appears that the best results are realized after two to three months of consistent, regular use. It is possible that users who didn’t notice hair regrowth after using Provillus may not have taken it long enough.

Some users have reported results in weeks, and for some it didn’t work, while other have said up to 6 months. It all depends on what the condition your hair is in, and what stage of hair loss you are at. That’s why it’s recommended to buy provillus six month supply to get best result. But, if you are still a bit unsure, simply buy Provillus one month supply and re order Provillus when you are sure you are satisfied.